Small Town Mommy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bzzing the Bzz.

Huh? What on earth are you talking about Small Town Mommy you may ask? For those of you still living in the dark ages, I am talking about It is one of the coolest concepts I have come across in a long time. It's all about the power of word of mouth marketing. Before I became Small Town Mommy I had a career in marketing that I just loved...maybe this is why being a BzzAgent appeals to me so much.

BzzAgent lets you experience a product or service for yourself (either by mailing you a sample or sending you a coupon). What they require in return is that you be honest and open with your opinion of the product or service and talk about it to everyone you meet. Once you've Bzzed about it to your friends, you go back to their website and fill in a short report detailed what you did. That's it!
The important thing to note is that BzzAgent is NOT a website that is all about getting free stuff. You have to actually keep up your end of the bargain and be honest about your reporting. The people who run the website are smart...if you're not telling the truth when you fill out your reports, you won't be invited to join any more BzzCampaigns!

I recently finished a book called "Anybody Out There" by Marian Keyes. I love books that make me feel like I am somewhere else and living somebody else's life. This book did just that. I've read quite a few of Marian's other books and I've always liked them but they always seemed to be missing something. In this book, she really developed her characters more so than in previous novels. There is a secret that is alluded to in the first half of the book and I did find it fairly easy to guess what that would be but it in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the novel.
The plot stars a woman named Anna Walsh who has left New York for a reason we don't know and is back at home living with her parents in Ireland. She is desperate to get back to New York to reconnect with her husband Aidan. The characters surrounding Anna are hilarious and I got lots of laughs (as well as lots of tears) out of this novel.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A couple weeks ago there were 6 police cars on my street...2 of which were parked ON MY GRASS. All because of our skanky neighbour across the street. They hauled her 40ish year old ass out of the house kicking and screaming and proceeded to handcuff her. Her 2 teenage kids (who don't seem to ever go to school) were also hauled out and the boy was handcuffed too. This all started while the kid and I were playing outside...I promptly made the kid come inside so I could have a better view out the front windows...didn't think standing in the middle of my backyard staring at them was such a good idea. So the mother got carted off to jail and the kids refused to leave the house. I've never seen so much excitement in my life! Haven't got a clue what it's about but might have something to do with the fact that the 40 year old mother has a 17 year old boyfriend. We've started a neighbourhood pool on when the 13 year old daughter is going to get pregnant.
Then this morning we find out that the teenage boy shot our next door neighbour's windows with a pellet gun last night. Can he be put in juvie for this? Cause that's where he belongs.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Well yes, you say that sounds great and all...but why is your blog called Small Town Mommy.
Right...forgot to mention that. We had a gorgeous little girl join us just over 2 years ago. So this blog is really going to be about my trials and tribulations of raising a daugher in an area where there is almost no support for stay at home mothers. Mommy and Me classes? Any sort of activities for babies and toddlers? None, zip, zilch, nada. The kid and I have each other and the internet to rely on.

Let me introduce myself. I grew up in and around the fabulous city of Toronto, Ontario. Somehow, inexplicably, I ended up in a city of 19,000 people in southwestern Ontario...let's call it Swingsville. Oh sure...some might say it was because this is where the man I married lived but I don't buy it.
Now, I love Toronto but don't get me wrong, I like Swingsville too. It's very pretty, it's on the has no cute touristy downtown area like small towns are supposed to have...oh wait..I'm supposed to be listing positives. It...well...that's about it.
My big problem is that since I grew up in Toronto, I never needed my driver's license. Swingsville is another story. After we got married there just always seemed to be something that got in the way of me getting it. It certainly had nothing to do with me having absolutely no movitation to do so. I finally just up and went to write the test one day and I am now the proud owner of a G1 license. Why I never did this earlier is a question I will ask myself until the day I die. I blame it all on my mother....along with countless other things.